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Offshore Divorces Simplify Matters for International Expatriate Couples

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

International or expatriate couples seeking to divorce face even more challenges than the average couple. All divorces involve some level of emotional stress and turmoil, and fees associated with attorneys and the legal process can be substantial. Yet in cases where one or both spouses are living abroad, the stress and expenses can be truly overwhelming. The entire process can be so complex and costly, some international couples end up staying married even when both spouses know divorce is in both of their best interests.

Fortunately, there is an alternative to the lengthy delays, complex court proceedings and astronomical expenses typically involved in international divorces. If both spouses are committed to ending their marriage quickly and affordably, an offshore divorce could be the ideal solution.

A speedy offshore divorce can simplify matters for international couples in a variety of ways. First, it eliminates the need to meet complicated residency requirements those living abroad may find impossible to meet. Instead of trying to divorce within jurisdictions in your country of origin or country of present-day residence, you can travel to a country with minimal requirements for obtaining a divorce. Some countries waive residency requirements altogether in cases of mutual consent divorces. Others require residency of as little as 7 days for a couple to be able to seek divorce.

Another way in which overseas divorces simplifies matters is by not requiring the physical presence of both spouses at divorce court proceedings. In most cases, only one spouse needs to travel to the country where divorce will be obtained. The other spouse simply signs documents indicating full consent to the divorce and agreement to any terms detailed regarding child custody or property division. It may also be necessary for the non-traveling spouse to designate power of attorney to the spouse who will appear at divorce court.

The speed with which international couples can obtain a legal divorce is a third way the process is simplified. In some cases, a mutual divorce can be final within just 24 hours. In other cases, it may take several days or at most, a few weeks.

In order to determine whether an overseas divorce is right for you and your spouse, take the time to research your options thoroughly online. Consider contacting an attorney who specializes in offshore divorces for international couples, as well to be certain you will be satisfied with the outcome.

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Expatriates Should Consider Por Vapor Divorce

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

If you’re an expatriate and you and your spouse are in mutual agreement about getting divorced, you may feel frustrated by the length of time this can take in the U.S. Depending on the US jurisdiction, you could have to wait as long as a year or even two to regain your status as a single individual. If you happen to be residing in certain foreign countries, the process could take even longer, as does the process for members of the military and armed forces.

Although your own or your spouse’s attorneys might not mention it, you do have another option for obtaining a divorce decree. Regardless of what country you reside in, you can obtain a speedy divorce in the Dominican Republic as long as you’re not a Dominican resident. This is a great solution for expatriates who don’t have the time or money to spend traveling to the U.S. to attend court hearings for months on end.

Legislation permitting a so-called 3-day divorce or por vapor divorce was passed into law in the Dominican Republic in 1971. Since then, law firms in the Dominican Republic have specialized in making por vapor divorces available to US and foreign citizens, including expatriates. It’s a very fast, easy and affordable option for couples who wish to divorce by mutual consent.
The beauty of a por vapor divorce is the ease with which it can be obtained. Only one spouse needs to travel to the Dominican Republic to appear before a judge. The other spouse simply needs to provide the visiting spouse with power of attorney. The divorce should be uncontested, and certain documents detailing the agreement need to be presented. The date with the judge must be set up ahead of time, as well. Following an audience with the judge, the agreement will be approved and the divorce is granted.

The entire cost of a por vapor divorce could involve a cost of as little as $4,500, including airfare and accommodations expenses. If you wish to stay longer than 3 days to enjoy spending time in the Caribbean, costs will of course be slightly higher.

If a por vapor divorce sounds ideal for your situation, take the time to do some legal research first. You can research information on your own regarding the legality of the divorce in your own jurisdiction. You should also seek the legal advice of a professional specializing in this type of divorce before making any arrangements to pursue obtaining a divorce in the Dominican Republic.

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