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Why Opt for an International Divorce Overseas?

Friday, June 12th, 2009

The globalization of the worldwide economy has led to a big increase in international marriages. Individuals traveling to other countries on business fall in love, marry and may reside in their spouse’s country for years. When the marriage begins to crumble, the split becomes an international division. The foreign spouse stays in his or her country, and the other returns to their country of origin.

In the case of this type of separation, it’s likely the couple won’t divorce before the spouse returns to his or her home country. In many cases, the spouse returns home months or even years before the couple decides on a final divorce.

Almost all international divorces involve complexities that make them much more challenging than regular divorces involving citizens and residents of only one country. There may be immigration consequences or implications regarding citizenship. In almost every international divorce, there are questions about jurisdiction. The courts and national laws of at least two countries will be involved, and possibly more if the couple resided in other foreign countries, too.

All of these complexities and special considerations present most divorce practitioners with problems they aren’t used to having to solve. The time it takes to research information on jurisdiction, to learn and prove foreign law and be prepared to make the best choices possible for their client will be substantial.

When an international divorce case ultimately proves too complex for a divorce attorney, the results can be disastrous for the couple involved. Excessive fees and costs, long delays and even the failure to obtain a divorce at all are some of the potential problems an international couple can face when trying to obtain a divorce in the U.S. or another country.

With so much potential for things to go wrong, it’s no wonder so many international couples end up staying married much longer than either spouse would prefer. Yet there’s a solution that can allow many international couples to divorce quickly and easily, especially if the divorce is by mutual consent.

In several overseas countries, it’s possible to obtain a legal divorce within hours or at most, days. Some of the countries that enable couples to divorce quickly, easily and at minimal expense include Haiti (ideal for unilateral or one way divorces), the Dominican Republic and Guam.

You can find out more about whether or not an overseas divorce is right for you by researching quality information on the Internet. VIP Divorce specializes in researching and facilitating international divorces offshore for global citizens. This is a much more efficient and cost-effective option than relying on a divorce practitioner familiar with only one country’s and one nationality’s divorce laws and legal issues.

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