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How to Overcome the Challenges International Divorce Presents

Friday, June 5th, 2009

Are you wondering how to overcome the numerous challenges that international divorces present?

Whether your vision of divorce is based on personal experience or television drama, you probably view it as a lengthy, complex and tedious process. You envision having to visit courtrooms and your attorney’s office regularly for months or even years, all the while mounting up more and more debt. Unfortunately, this is an accurate portrayal of the experience for too many couples. Divorce is likely to be even more complicated and taxing both financially and emotionally if you’re living abroad.

Individuals involved in international divorces face unique challenges. First, there are issues as basic as differing and oftentimes, conflicting time zones. Even if you are on very good terms, it can be difficult to communicate with a spouse across hundreds or thousands of miles. Time sensitive information regarding court dates and communications from attorneys can be delayed or even lost in the process. This can make it very difficult to accomplish anything regarding your international divorce.

Not only is prompt, clear communication a challenge for divorcing international couples, there is also the issue of expense. One or the other spouse is likely to have to make costly trips to the courtroom in another country. This necessitates time off work, the potential need to arrange for child care, expenses associated with accommodations, and expensive airfare. Considering the divorce could involve months or even a year or more of courtroom appearances, the expense and stress involved can be extreme.

Even determining where a divorce can be obtained can be a challenge for international couples. One or both spouses may have difficulty meeting residency requirements for divorce that are established by courts. Something as basic as trying to decide where to obtain a divorce can be a source of stress and frustration for international couples.

As expected, so many complications equate to lengthier time periods when it comes to international divorces. Yet there is an alternative solution that can minimize the wait, slash expenses and eliminate the complications that typically plague international couples seeking divorce.

When both spouses in an international marriage agree by mutual consent to divorce, a speedy divorce can easily be obtained overseas. Certain countries make divorce a simplified, straightforward process instead of a taxing nightmare. By meeting very minimal requirements and for a very reasonable cost, international couples can obtain a legal divorce in a matter of days. You can find out more about taking advantage of a speedy offshore divorce online, or by contacting websites like VIP Divorce who specializes in international divorce.

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