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Why Opt for an International Divorce Overseas?

Friday, June 12th, 2009

The globalization of the worldwide economy has led to a big increase in international marriages. Individuals traveling to other countries on business fall in love, marry and may reside in their spouse’s country for years. When the marriage begins to crumble, the split becomes an international division. The foreign spouse stays in his or her country, and the other returns to their country of origin.

In the case of this type of separation, it’s likely the couple won’t divorce before the spouse returns to his or her home country. In many cases, the spouse returns home months or even years before the couple decides on a final divorce.

Almost all international divorces involve complexities that make them much more challenging than regular divorces involving citizens and residents of only one country. There may be immigration consequences or implications regarding citizenship. In almost every international divorce, there are questions about jurisdiction. The courts and national laws of at least two countries will be involved, and possibly more if the couple resided in other foreign countries, too.

All of these complexities and special considerations present most divorce practitioners with problems they aren’t used to having to solve. The time it takes to research information on jurisdiction, to learn and prove foreign law and be prepared to make the best choices possible for their client will be substantial.

When an international divorce case ultimately proves too complex for a divorce attorney, the results can be disastrous for the couple involved. Excessive fees and costs, long delays and even the failure to obtain a divorce at all are some of the potential problems an international couple can face when trying to obtain a divorce in the U.S. or another country.

With so much potential for things to go wrong, it’s no wonder so many international couples end up staying married much longer than either spouse would prefer. Yet there’s a solution that can allow many international couples to divorce quickly and easily, especially if the divorce is by mutual consent.

In several overseas countries, it’s possible to obtain a legal divorce within hours or at most, days. Some of the countries that enable couples to divorce quickly, easily and at minimal expense include Haiti (ideal for unilateral or one way divorces), the Dominican Republic and Guam.

You can find out more about whether or not an overseas divorce is right for you by researching quality information on the Internet. VIP Divorce specializes in researching and facilitating international divorces offshore for global citizens. This is a much more efficient and cost-effective option than relying on a divorce practitioner familiar with only one country’s and one nationality’s divorce laws and legal issues.

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The Value of Offshore Divorce for International Couples

Saturday, June 6th, 2009

Are you living abroad and leading a completely separate life from your spouse? Do you both agree it’s time to get a legal divorce so you can both get on with your lives? If so, you don’t have to worry about exorbitant expenses and lengthy delays. You can legally divorce in a matter of days or a few short weeks with a fast and easy offshore divorce.

Many international couples delay getting divorced due to expense. There’s the cost of travel to start with, which is no small amount when you’re flying to different countries. Either you or your spouse will probably have to travel several times to attend court and meet with an attorney. Each trip will involve not only airfare, but taking time off from work, and lost income could become an issue.

In addition to airfare and travel expenses, there will also be costly fees for both of you to hire divorce lawyers. Even if you and your spouse are in complete agreement about divorcing, there will still be economic issues and financial matters to settle. If you have children, you’ll need to settle child custody issues, too. This can delay the divorce even further, and that equates to even more expenses.

One great way to avoid all the hassle and expense is to travel once and obtain an offshore divorce instead. You can research offshore divorces to determine whether or not it’s a good option for you, but for most international couples, it presents a real value. It’s likely that only one of you will have to travel to the country you choose for your divorce, and it usually requires no more than a week’s stay.

If you and your spouse are in agreement about child custody and financial matters, you may be able to settle these issues, too as part of an offshore divorce. But even if you aren’t able to agree on these matters, you can still obtain your divorce offshore, then settle child custody and property divisions in one of your local courts.

Offshore divorces are a good option for couples living in different countries because they’re so widely recognized as legal. It’s important to be sure the divorce will be recognized by both your country of residence as well as your spouse’s, however. You can research this information online, or you may wish to speak with a specialized attorney who regularly deals with offshore divorces for international couples.

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Mexico: A Country to Avoid for Quickie Divorces

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Are you thinking about an Offshore International Divorce? If so, don’t be lured by enticing publicity inviting you to Mexico for your quickie divorce.  Here’s why…

If you’re looking at overseas options to obtain a fast, easy international divorce, you’ll find a lot of information online. Some of it is quality material that can provide you with all the information you need to make the right decision. As with almost everything online however, there is also plenty of misinformation that can lead you down the completely wrong path.

There are many reasons international couples seek to divorce in an offshore country. Offshore divorces can eliminate lengthy delays and save you a considerable amount of money. They can also help by eliminating the need to meet lengthy residency requirements. This can be a major factor for international couples where one or both spouses are living abroad.

If you’re considering an offshore divorce, you’ll come across several options when doing research online. If you rely on quality information, you’ll be able to weigh the pros and cons of divorcing in various countries such as Haiti, the Dominican Republic, and Guam (the latter only recommended for military divorces). Yet there’s one country you shouldn’t even consider, even though you’ll hear it mentioned as an option for fast international divorce: Mexico.

There was a time when Ciudad Juarez in Mexico was the most popular place to go to obtain a speedy international divorce. At one time, an average of 43,000 American divorces was granted in Mexico, largely due to its easy reach and lax requirements for divorce. Only one spouse had to appear in court if the other agreed in writing. Couples could fly into Mexico, obtain a divorce and be back home in one day. This was almost 40 years ago, however.

In 1971, amendments were made to the Mexican Nationality and Naturalization Law that eliminated this country as the number one choice for a speedy divorce. The result was that non-residents could no longer apply for a divorce.  If you wanted to divorce in Mexico, you first had to become a legal resident. This is a complex process that takes at a minimum, several months. The amendments to the divorce law were specifically designed to shut down Mexico’s “divorce mill,” and the goal was accomplished.

Today, you can obtain a fast, easy international divorce in various countries, but Mexico is not one of them. If you come across any information online about obtaining such a divorce in Mexico, be suspicious of the source. By all means, avoid working with any company or attorney that promises a speedy international divorce in Mexico.

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One Type of Overseas Divorce International Couples Should Avoid

Monday, June 1st, 2009

If you’re living abroad and you’re eager to divorce, you’re probably considering a speedy offshore divorce. Offshore divorce is a great option for couples residing in different countries. You don’t have to meet complicated residency requirements that may have been preventing you from divorcing sooner. You also don’t have to abide by lengthy waiting periods or pay exorbitant attorneys’ fees to obtain a divorce.

Offshore divorces involve minimal requirements, but there is one thing that is required in all cases. Unless you or your spouse is a resident of the country where you plan to divorce, at least one of you must make a court appearance.
One of the worst offshore divorce scams to plague the Internet involves disreputable law firms and phantom companies that promise fast and easy divorces by proxy, or through the mail. These are typically offered from Dominican Republic, but beware – any Dominican divorce that doesn’t require one of the parties to travel there is a scam. It is not legal.

The lure of the scam is obvious to any international couple. Residing in different countries makes divorce so time consuming, expensive and stressful, an overseas divorce by proxy sounds like heaven. You don’t have to take time off from work or pay to travel. In just a few days, you’ll be divorced, and both you and your spouse can move on with your lives.

Unfortunately in this case, it turns out that what sounds too good to be true is nothing but a scam. Regardless of how convincing a website might be or how impressed you are with an attorney’s credentials, any divorce obtained by proxy that doesn’t involve actually appearing in court is illegal. It will not stand up in court if it is challenged, and you will remain legally married, even if you hold a divorce decree that says you’re not.

To avoid ending up paying for a divorce that is by no means legal, assume that either you or your spouse will need to travel to obtain an overseas divorce. Fortunately, there are reputable law firms and other specialized companies that can make the entire process smooth and simple. You can file for a divorce in a matter of minutes if you travel to Haiti, the Dominican Republic or certain other countries, but the rule is at least one half of the divorcing couple must make a court appearance.

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An Affordable Option for International Couples Seeking Divorce

Monday, May 18th, 2009

All couples facing divorce must deal with the expenses the process involves… but for international couples, divorce is even more costly. If you’re living abroad, either you or your spouse will need to travel to another country to manage divorce proceedings. It’s likely you’ll need to travel multiple times over the course of several months or even years trying to legally dissolve your marriage.

In addition to legal fees for your attorneys, travel costs can be a major financial strain on international couples who want to divorce. It’s no wonder so many opt to stay married, even after living separate lives for years.

In cases where spouses can’t agree on anything to do with their divorce, international couples may have no alternative to a long and grueling ordeal in the court system. Yet in cases where both spouses agree that legal divorce is their best recourse, there’s an affordable option international couples can pursue. It’s called an overseas or offshore divorce, and it’s a relatively inexpensive way to legally dissolve a marriage by mutual consent.

An offshore divorce usually involves only one spouse traveling to a foreign country to handle court proceedings involved in the divorce. This one-time trip to a country such as Guam, Haiti or the Dominican Republic will be much less costly than repeated flights back and forth between your country of residence and your spouse’s. In some cases, you only need to stay in the country where you’ll obtain your divorce for a few days. Offshore divorces can cost between $1,500 and approximately $5,000, and in most cases, this includes air travel and accommodations.

Even if you and your spouse aren’t in agreement about child custody issues or financial settlements, you can still regain legal single status through an offshore divorce. Subsequently, local courts in one or another of your countries of residence will settle economic and child custody matters. In the meantime, you’ll be able to file taxes independently, start a business or even remarry as a single individual.

You can research offshore divorces online to find out more about how offshore divorces can benefit international couples. In your research, you’ll discover that in addition to cost savings, you’ll also enjoy the benefit of speed with an offshore divorce. There’s no need to spend thousands and thousands of dollars and take years to settle your divorce. An offshore international divorce is a terrific option for couples that want their marriage dissolved quickly, easily and with minimal expense.

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Legal International Divorces

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009

Welcome to the VIP Divorce blog! At last a fast and efficient solution for your international divorce.

For too long, restrictive divorce laws have been shrouded in mystery. What is possibly one of the most important decisions you will ever make – emotionally, legally and financially – is something you need to understand yourself. Not something you should entrust to lawyers. By all means consult lawyers, but make sure you are the one in control.

International divorces (for example expat divorces, military divorces, and international divorce where the couple live in different countries) have always been particularly complicated, resulting in higher legal fees.

At last, we have the solution for your international divorce. The VIP Express Divorce Kit includes lots of information so you can start your own international divorce in Dominican Republic or Haiti by instructing lawyers over the internet from the comfort of your very own home! It’s so named (VIP Divorce) because many stars and showbiz personalities have gone for the quick, fast and efficient divorces available a short flight from Miami on the sunny Caribbean island of Hispaniola… or more precisely in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

In the meantime, Haiti – another nation on the island of Hispaniolaa – offers an option for last resort option, for those who cannot track down or locate their spouse to seek his or her co-operation, but want to break free from the chains of matrimony in order to carry on living their lives.

International divorce is about empowerment of the individual. It’s about picking up the pieces and continuing life as an individual, free of the legal bond to a partner you who no longer makes you happy. We all make mistakes, and the majority of marriages worldwide end in divorce or separation. If it’s happened to you, the last thing you want to do is drag out this emotional trauma in court cases that can last years and cost many thousands of dollars.

Why waste your time? Instead, use the VIP Express Divorce Kit which includes all the papers necessary to instruct lawyers in the Dominican Republic to represent you at the international family law court there in Santo Domingo, Distrito Nacional, Dominican Republic. Dominican divorces are bilateral, meaning that both spouses must consent to the divorce.

These same lawyers can also represent you in Haiti where only one spouse needs to request the divorce. The fact that the person is legally petitioning for a divorce is acceptable as evidence of incompatibility.

Both Dominican and Haitian divorces are valid internationally. It is possible to obtain embassy legalization on the divorce decrees that give the recognition of, for example, the full faith and credit of the US government in the case of legalizations by the US embassy in Santo Domingo. Whether your offshore/international divorce will be accepted in your home state or country depends on a lot of factors, which are fully explained to you in easy-to-read language (no legalese here).

In particular Dominican divorces are perfect for international couples such as expatriate workers. Dominican divorces are both easier and cheaper than quickie divorces from Guam or Mexico. The pros and cons of all four countries are explained in the VIP Express Divorce Kit. To read more about International Divorce, click here…

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